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The Australian Advanced Manufacturing Council is a CEO-led private sector initiative pursuing Australian success in advanced manufacturing.
The AAMC brings together industry leadership to drive innovation success and resilience in the Australian economy.

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ASX-listed Quickstep’s Chief Executive, David Marino says Australians have a tendency to underrate their inherently flexible nature in providing innovative solutions, which can be vital to success in global manufacturing. “We undervalue our can-do attitude. [...]


“It's only rocket science," quips Amaero Engineering Chief Executive Barrie Finnin, as he reveals a jet engine part made with one of five Selective Laser Melting (SLM) 3D printers the firm employs in its groundbreaking [...]


Applying the auto industry’s discipline on cost and reliability to medical device manufacturing has enabled  Adelaide firm Micro-X to win over a leading US medical imaging heavyweight.  The ASX-listed start-up has also pursued Apple founder, [...]


The team at Melbourne-based firm Tomcar is at the forefront of a new era in Australian vehicle manufacturing. With the first electric car to be fully produced in Australia, Tomcar is dreaming big - and [...]

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