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The Australian Advanced Manufacturing Council is a CEO-led private sector initiative pursuing Australian success in advanced manufacturing.
The AAMC brings together industry leadership to drive innovation success and resilience in the Australian economy.

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Casting a new light on A.W.Bell

A specialised aluminium casting process has opened doors outside the automotive industry for local firm A.W.Bell. Sophisticated component manufacturer A.W.Bell expects half its revenues to come via defence work this year, cementing the success of [...]

Sutton Tools has the edge

Sutton Tools technology manager Steve Dowey has a background in mechatronics and SCADA and is determined to integrate the very latest Internet of Things innovation, which, he says, offers great scope for advancement in Australian [...]


A revolution blending construction technology with advanced manufacturing is enabling apartment skyscrapers to be built cheaper and faster than ever before. We spoke to Australian leaders in pre-fabrication technology, Hickory Group. By Miranda Maxwell.   It [...]


When neurosurgeon Ralph Mobbs began the world-first surgical removal of two cancerous vertebrae, there was a high risk that the patient could die. But thanks to advanced medical device manufacturer, Anatomics, these cancerous vertebrae were [...]

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